Who We Are



    It's a composition that separates our product from many others on the market. We only sell when our compost reaches high quality standards achieved after months of carefully monitored curing.



    We are committed to offering a product worthy of the customers and areas we serve and we employ over 20 years of lawn maintenance know how to your project.


  • Champion Hosta Growers Prefer Us

    Champion Hosta Growers agree our mixture helps produce the finest large flowering plants.


Why Choose Us

Our Farm is located in Beautiful Williamson County, TN. We are on green acres farm in Brentwood. The horse Bedding we use is sourced from on-site barns housing around 150 horses in stables stocked with kiln dried yellow pine shavings.

Our curing process involves placing the horse bedding in windrows and we turn as necessary to maintain a temperature of at least 133 degrees for at least 2 weeks. In this stage, lasting approximately 120 days, pathogens and weed seeds are destroyed.

After the first 120 days, we continue to monitor temperature and composition, and we turn the windrows periodically as needed to support both. After about 1 year, the compost becomes a deep brown/black color and is tested at two different labs for Ph Levels, soluble salts, and other components to determine its readiness for the market. if the compost meets visual and composition standards, it is considered ready for customer purchase by the bag or truck load.